Misconception – Not everything happens on ICN Gateway. A lot of work is done ‘behind’ the scenes and your company may be in front of project owners without you knowing.

There are lots of projects and work packages on ICN Gateway that may not be available elsewhere. Our projects are broken down into work packages which can offer full or partial scopes of work.

Full scope means you think you can provide the full services of the work required, whereas partial scope means that you think you can only do the portion of the work that relates to the work package.

When the full scope package is awarded to a company, the information relating to successful company is made available on ICN Gateway, and information on the companies who have submitted a partial scope EOI are provided to the awardee of the Full Scope.

By contacting the company who have won the full scope you could ‘market’ your products and services to the companies who have won the Full Scope contract. In this way, you are effectively marketing to the suppliers, not the project owner.

Also, our analysis showed that up to 25% of work were awarded to vendors that were not on the project teams’ vendor list (i.e. vendor was not known to the project team).

And remember, you need to make sure your ICN Gateway profile is up to date – otherwise our Industry Specialists cannot put your company forward for prospective work opportunities.

ICN puts your company in front of the buyer; the rest is up to you.

If you are submitting EOIs for work packages you are very suited to you and not receiving any feedback, talk to your ICN consultant to get some help about what else you should put in your profile.

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