21 June 2023

Company profile: Camatic Seating Australia

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Have you ever attended a concert at the Sydney Opera House, cheered on your favourite team at the MCG, or settled in for a movie at Hoyts Cinemas? If you have, you most likely did so in the comfort of Camatic Seating!

Camatic Seating is an Australian-owned seating and furnishing manufacturer based in Victoria. With a rich history spanning six decades and a team of more than 180 staff, Camatic Seating is an established leader in the design and manufacture of theatre and stadium seats in Australia and across the globe.

ICN Victoria Industry Adviser Lisa Maro recently spent time with Camatic Seating Sales Manager for the Asia-Pacific region, Damon Shute. Lisa and Damon toured Camatic Seating’s site in Melbourne’s east, where over 1000 seats are manufactured and sent out for delivery each day.

By supporting and engaging with local manufacturers such as Camatic Seating, project owners can set in motion a ripple effect that positively impacts many Victorians.

“Local manufacturing not only supports hundreds of jobs directly at Camatic Seating, but also a much wider supply chain throughout Australia,” said Damon.

“Engaging with a local manufacturer will ensure your seating is specifically designed and made to meet not only Australia’s harsh physical environment, but also the customer’s high standards.”

Learn all about Camatic Seating by visiting their website: www.camatic.com.

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