6 May 2024

Happy 40th birthday to us

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This year is a big one for ICN across the country as we celebrate 40 years of supporting Australian and New Zealand companies.

“We began in Victoria in 1984 as the Industrial Supplies Office, with the aim of providing small and medium businesses full, fair and reasonable opportunities to access public and private projects,” Executive Director Warren Janson said.

“Other states and territories – as well as NZ quickly adopted the concept, which had stemmed from the British Government’s Offshore Supplies Office, set up in 1973, with a remit to support British suppliers connect to the North Sea Oil project.”

By the late 1980s, it started to become clear that all the independent ISO needed more formal co-ordination so in March 1995, ISO Net (now ICNL) opened its offices in Canberra.

In 2003, the acronym ISO was increasingly recognised as representing international Standards, so ICN was born.

“Over the past 40 years, and despite many challenges such as funding constraints, office closures and policy changes, ICN has not only survived, but thrived,” Warren said, adding that there was currently an ICN presence in every state and territory, and in NZ.

“The work of our Australian and New Zealand network has helped facilitate contracts for local suppliers valued at over $43b. 

“This impressive effort has led to the creation of thousands of jobs and significantly expanding local industry participation.”

“All of this thanks to ICN’s dedicated and skilled staff, who have helped create a brand synonymous with facilitating local business opportunities in Australia and New Zealand.”

Throughout 2024, the ICN network will be celebrating its birthday with a range of events and activities, including hosting a national event in Canberra. This event will highlight ICN’s contribution to the national economy and celebrate its people and their achievements.

There will also be smaller events and webinars, focusing on essentials for business connections and success in the digital age.

“I feel incredibly thankful to be able to have continued on the legacy of those that came before me, including ISO Net’s first Chairman, David McLachlan, and first Executive Director, Chris Neil as well as my immediate predecessor and current Chairman, Derek Lark,” Warren said.

Keep an eye on the ICN website, or subscribe to Capability News for information on all the events planned for the year.

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