23 August 2022

Improving the Australian Supply Chain – Industry Capability Network and 4th Harmonic announce Strategic Alliance

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Industry Capability Network (ICN) is constantly expanding its offering with the goal of making it easier for buyers to do business in Australia, backed by a team of Industry Specialists skilled in assisting companies improve their supply chain and find competitive suppliers.

ICN and 4th Harmonic have been working together for the past two years on pilot programs and have now joined forces to bring an additional layer of data driven industry analysis designed to improve program and supply chain performance. 4th Harmonic data and analytics tools will be utilised to complement ICN’s proprietary data sets, creating a greater understanding of the capability, capacity, opportunities and risks associated with an Australian industry sector or supply chain. This will deliver improved program performance through enhanced supply chain risk management, demand modelling and supplier engagement and provide a quantifiable measure of Australian industry participation and sovereign capability development.

4th Harmonic is a small 100% Australian-owned program management and analytics firm, who help their clients execute programs designed to deliver major new or upgraded industrial or services capabilities. These programs are generally unique, large, complex and dynamic – which typically requires the selection and integration of various organisations, such as ICN.

“By improving the level of data available, Governments and project owners will now have a greater understanding of services and local supplier capability in existing markets, and more opportunities for local suppliers to tap into new adjacent markets or industry segments”, said ICN Limited CEO, Warren Jansen.

This will be particularly useful for Prime Contractors who have a large or complex project that requires a better understanding of national capabilities that exist beyond their current supply chains. Having a clear picture of the capabilities of Australian industry, helps manage program risk and optimise Australian Contract Expenditure.

‘We have been building a trusted partnership with ICN over the past several years and we have seen ICN’s service offerings develop significantly over that period. We are very pleased to be able to jointly offer Australian and international companies operating in Australia an unparalleled understanding of Australia’s industrial capability across all major sectors’ said 4th Harmonic’s Chair, Charles Carnegie.

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ICN Ltd’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Karen Lenton and Charles Carnegie, Co-Founder and Chairman, 4th Harmonic are both available for comment.

Karen Lenton


+61 404 867 506


Charles Carnegie


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Industry Capability Network (ICN) is a business network that introduces Australian and New Zealand companies to the supply chains of major projects both here and overseas.

ICN has been helping build new procurement partnerships for over 35 years and have a network of more than 100 Industry Specialists across Australia and New Zealand.

Every day, ICN works with project managers to show them how they can save time and money by using competitive local suppliers, as well as spending time with Australian and New Zealand suppliers to help them identify new opportunities for their business.

Learn more about ICN 1300 691 139 or visit icn.org.au



4th Harmonic helps clients win and execute specific projects, programs and industry opportunities. We use a systems approach that combines hard-earned experience with data analysis to design, manage and evaluate the programs that are the key to realising your goals.

We have developed a proprietary analytics software platform, ‘DECADE’,  to provide our customers with data driven insights into their complex programs and industries. Our software integrates open source data with proprietary data from our customers and data partners to provide a dynamic, close to real time digital model of the target supply and stakeholder eco-system. This can extend from the boardroom down to individual work packages and delivers bespoke insights into Australia’s evolving industry, innovation and research capability.

These insights provide our customers with improved situational awareness and support their planning and decision making to develop resilience in supply chains, grow Australian industry participation, manage program risk and engage stakeholders to gain a competitive advantage in markets that are factoring in risks from an increasingly uncertain global context.

Learn more about 4th Harmonic visit: Solving complex program management problems to help you execute projects, programs and industry opportunities. (4thharmonic.net)



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