5 July 2023

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Industry Capability Network Limited and 25eight announce Strategic Alliance

Industry Capability Network (ICN) is constantly expanding its offering with the goal of making it easier for companies to showcase their capabilities and win contracts, backed by a team of Industry Specialists skilled in assisting companies improve their supply chain and find competitive suppliers.

ICN and 25eight have now joined forces to bring an additional layer of support to SMEs by providing them with tools and training to help them build a capability edge and maximise growth opportunities.

25eight is a 100% Australian-owned firm that specialises in providing business education and training to time-poor SMEs with a specific focus on building a strategic approach to sales, marketing and the use of digital tools, especially for those that are looking to increase their client contracts, expand into new markets or territories or those that are seeking investment or partnerships.

In partnership with the Australian Defence Export Office (ADEO), 25eight have been delivering the Trade Event Ready program to Australian businesses looking to export defence and dual-use goods and services since 2020. This impactful program has helped hundreds of business leaders maximise their opportunities and increase the perception of Australia’s sovereign capability at international trade events.

The partnership between ICN and 25eight will make available the same kind of support for all industries with 25eight developing programs that help ICN’s community in reaching their specific goals.

“SME’s are generally time poor. By providing SMEs with the ability to add extra tools into their toolbox in the level of data available, Governments and project owners will now have a greater understanding of services and local supplier capability in existing markets, and more opportunities for local suppliers to tap into new adjacent markets or industry segments”, said ICN Limited CEO, Warren Jansen.

25eight recognise that time is often one of the most precious resources in business and all of their programs are designed to fit in with busy schedules. Every program is hyper-personalised to the individual, meaning you don’t learn what you already know rather you ‘level-up’ what you do know, saving you time and what is learned can be immediately applied to the business for faster results. All programs are supported by mentor sessions that help you refine your approach to your specific situation.

“We’re passionate about making an impact for SMEs, so we measure the results the programs have on the business as well as the increase in capabilities. We know we can help people get more conversions from their sales and marketing activities which leads to increased revenue and often profitability. We’re excited to work with the ICN community to help them reach their growth goals in the coming years” said 25eight co-founder and Chief Mentor, Phil Ore.

More information on program availability for ICN subscribers can be found here.


ABOUT 25eight

25eight is a B Corp certified, profit for purpose education and training company driving the success and sustainability of Startups & SMEs.

SMEs are the backbone of the Australian economy and we’re driven by the belief that by supporting time-poor business leaders to build their strategic capabilities and confidence to ensure their business survives and thrives in ever-changing markets it will have a positive impact on the society around them. They’ll know exactly what to do to grow their business, use technology effectively and adapt to market changes so that they can continue to provide job opportunities for their local communities.

Our mission is to provide cutting edge business education and training that is hyper-personalised to the individual, fits in with their busy schedules and gives them the tools to make strategic decisions and build their strategic agilty now and into the future.

We ensure that the time invested in our education and training programs positively impacts the business and builds their capability edge in competitive markets.

Learn more about 25eight 1300 171 363 or visit www.25eight.co

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