Capability News: Summer 2012

This marks the fourth edition of our new and improved Capability News, and my first edition as Chair of the ICN Executive Directors. We’ve had some fantastic feedback from our readers about the newsletter, and aim to continue to provide you with up-to-date information on current projects, success stories, key activities and events.

Capability News: Spring 2012

Since the last edition of Capability News, there has been plenty of activity happening at ICN. In this edition, you will find opportunities for the Ichthys LNG project, the roll-out for the National Broadband Network, Arrow Energy CSG-LNG, and Centennial Coal.

ICN Limited’s Annual Report 2011-12

Numerous global economic issues and the strong Australian dollar accounted for the challenging climate in 2011–12. This year also saw an increase in the running costs for businesses, and we will start to see the impact of this in the next financial year.

BERL Report 2012

This report describes a selection of multipliers related to the New Zealand domestic manufacturing industry. These multipliers are calculated from data for the 2010/11 year.

Capability News: Winter 2012

Welcome to the winter 2012 edition of Capability News. In this edition we feature the US $34 billion Ichthys LNG Project, an exciting project for not only the Northern Territory, but the whole of Australia.

Capability News: Autumn 2012

Hello and welcome to ICN’s new and improved quarterly newsletter, Capability News. It’s a great pleasure to relaunch this newsletter and I look forward to sharing our news with you throughout the year.

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