Start Date: 27 Feb 2024

End Date: 27 Jan 2024

Start Time: 1:30 pm

End Time: 2:30 pm

Location: Online

Unleashing the Power of AI in Business.

Join us for what promises to be a transformative Webinar presented by ICN. We’ll be delivering valuable insights from industry specialists to help you transform the way you approach Artificial Intelligence, including ChatGPT and other Large Language Models.

Free Webinar:
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Highlights include:

Introduction to ChatGPT and Large Language Models

  • Insights into the diverse applications of ChatGPT and other large language models in the business landscape.

Case Study: Revolutionizing Bid Preparation with AI

  • Explore real-world examples of how generative AI is revolutionizing the bidding profession and creating positive changes in the industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain insights into ways that AI could be leveraged by business.
  • Understand how AI can enhance strategic planning and bid preparation.
  • Learn from real-world examples of AI implementation in business operations.


  • Aidan Nuttall: Strategy Facilitator and Execution Practice Lead, Waterfield Consulting.
  • Nigel Dennis: CEO and co-founder of bid consulting firm BidWrite
  • Bettina Venner: Manager Supply Chain Development and Head of ICN SA.

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