Start Date: 28 Nov 2023

Start Time: 9:00 am

End Time: 5:00 pm

Location: Online


The ICN Clean Energy & Manufacturing Summit 2023 is a premier virtual event that aims to connect industry leaders, government representatives, and key stakeholders in the manufacturing into clean energy sectors.

This summit provides a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and networking, with a focus on driving sustainable growth and innovation in the Australian clean energy industry.

Held online so you can attend from the convenience of your office, the ICN Clean Energy & Manufacturing Summit.

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Opening Address:

Industrie and Science:
The Hon Ed Husic, Minister for
Industry and Science

Keynote Speaker:

Climate Change and Energy:
Senator The Hon Jenny McAllister, Assistant Minister for
Climate Change and Energy

Roy Green Emeritus Professor
Special Innovation Advisor at the
University of Technology Sydney
Dr. Vanessa Rauland,
Founder and CEO
Batteries Branch DISR:
Jocelyn Cooper,
General Manager
CS Energy:
Wes Horwood,
Head of Future Energy Projects
Hydrogen CRC:
Paul Hodgson,
CEO, Scaling Green Hydrogen CRC
Dr Neil Thompson,
Adjunct Associate Professor/QUT
Centre for Clean Energy
Technologies and Practices
Stanwell Corporation Limited:
Phil Richardson,
General Manager, Hydrogen Projects
at Stanwell Corporation Limited
BlueFloat Energy:
Darragh White,
Project Director
BlueFloat Energy
Queensland Hydro:
David Watt,
Executive General Manager,
Commercial QLD Hydro
Michael Sharpe,
Executive Consultant,
SA Government DIIS:
Bettina Venner,
Manager Supply Chain Development
and Head of ICN SA


1. Explore Opportunities: Discover the latest clean energy policies, initiatives, and investment opportunities from the Australian government.
2. Manufacturing in Clean Energy: Gain insights into manufacturing opportunities, best practices, and case studies in the clean energy sector.
3. Renewable Energy Projects: Learn about successful renewable energy projects and explore potential opportunities in Australia.
4. Collaboration and Networking: Connect with industry professionals, peak bodies, and experts to foster collaboration and partnerships.

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