Misconception – Expressing interest in work on ICN Gateway is simply putting your hand up for work. We only know you’re interested in work when you put your hand up. By expressing interest against individual work packages tells us that you believe your company can do the work and want to be assessed.


The Industry Specialist who is working with the project can help you with assistance in the EOI process.

Preparing an EOI can be daunting, especially if it’s the first time you have decided to submit. Like many large tasks it helps to break it down into smaller steps.

Five tips for submitting an EOI
  1. Read through the questions carefully – can you meet the criteria?
    Make sure you read all the supporting documentation (if provided). Any relevant documents are attached to the work package and are shown with a download icon .
  2. Make sure you answer each question:
    The information requested shouldn’t be considered optional.
    The information is being requested directly by the projects’ procurement team and will help them conduct their assessment and shortlisting.
    Sometimes you may be lucky and don’t have to answer any questions – there is enough information in your Gateway profile already
    And once you have entered information into an EOI, if there are the same questions for other EOIs, your responses will be saved and automatically applied to other open EOI’s you have submitted for.
  3. Remember, it’s not about you:
    It’s important to phrase your response in relation to benefits to the project owner, not features of your product or service. For example, instead of announcing “XYZ Widgets was established in 1956”, show how this longevity benefits the project owner (stability, experience, knowledge). Show the evaluation team that you understand their problems, needs or objectives, and how you can address them.
  4. Make sure your Gateway profile is up to date:
    We also provide the information from your Gateway profile with the EOI report to the project owner so having an up to date profile is very important!
  5. Remember to hit the submit button:
    If you don’t have time to complete your EOI or need to gather additional information, you can always come back and complete it later. Your incomplete EOIs can be found on your dashboard by going to EOIs in the main header menu or the EOI tile:

Here are some tips on what the project owner looks for in your EOI
  • Capability and experience that matches the scope of work.
  • Demonstrated experience in providing similar goods or services to the same industry pertaining to their requirements.
  • Demonstrated experience in providing similar services near the project location.
  • Demonstrated commitment to safety, quality, innovation and delivery.
Important note

In order to submit an EOI you will need to have an ICN Gateway profile.

Please note that an EOI does not guarantee that you will receive a request for tender as ICN does not take part in commercial negotiations. It does however, guarantee that your name is put in the mix as wanting to be considered.

Need more help?

We are here to help – if you need any help submitting an EOI, please contact us on 1300 961 139.

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