17 May 2010

Appointment of water supply advocate welcomed by ICN

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Industry Capability Network (ICN) Limited’s executive director, Mr Derek Lark, today welcomed the appointment of its deputy chairman, Mr Bob Herbert AM, as the supplier advocate for water under the Australia Government’s Supplier Advocate Program.

Innovation Minister, Senator Kim Carr announced that Mr Herbert will represent the Australian water suppliers and help them market their products within the sector and improve their competitiveness.

Mr Lark said, “By working closer with Australian suppliers, ICN has already demonstrated that Australian companies can deliver competitive goods and services when given the opportunity.

“The appointment of supplier advocates will strengthen these opportunities and make sure that Australian suppliers get a fair go when competing against offshore companies.

“ICN works closely with Austrade, water industry bodies and Enterprise Connect but Mr Herbert’s knowledge of ICN, and what we, do will prove a major benefit to water sector as a whole.

“We look forward to working with the government as it continues to implement the $19.1 million Boosting Australian Industry Participation announcement made in July last year,” Mr Lark concluded.

ICN is funded by the Australian, state and territory governments to introduce Australian suppliers into major projects in Australia and overseas. Most of ICN’s services are free of charge.

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