5 April 2023

CEO Blog – March 2023

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Building Legacy from Procurement

ICN Victoria helps thousands of projects each year. We provide input to tenders, support bidders, and encourage local suppliers to get involved in procurement for projects of all sizes.

We are proud to help explain procurement processes to ensure local businesses understand and fulfil the requirements of procurement policies (which can be daunting!). A crucial point we highlight is that the requirements of industry participation policies are designed to create legacy.

We are especially proud to be part of building legacies.

Recently, I was fortunate to go underground and see the Westgate Tunnel being built, courtesy of John Holland Group. This project has engaged many women to work on site and it was great to tour with a group of women passionate about Building Equality in Construction. We heard positive experiences of the women on site; how their work and this diversity was valued – they were not there just to meet required targets. This will leave behind a critical legacy for future projects by inspiring more women to work in construction.

When the Procurement Strategy for Victoria 2026 Commonwealth Games was launched last Friday, legacy was referred to for the sporting and other facilities built for athletes and visitors, as well as the enduring legacy that will be left for local communities by local jobs and economic and social impact as a result of the Games.

Another legacy project is the Moderna mRNA Vaccine manufacturing facility in Clayton. The building process has commenced with partners Linesight and Multiplex, and local firms are invited to express interest to help build the facility. This first of its kind facility aims to leave a legacy of better health in our community with vaccines to fight diseases.

Finally, the AUKUS Pact commitment for Australia to invest in nuclear-powered submarines. The PM’s vision was likened to Australia’s post war investments into Australian manufacturing. This is a defence project, but it carries huge opportunities for local industry and jobs, hence legacy and long-lasting benefits for Australians can be seized because of this project.

ICN shall continue to help activate our local supply chain, to encourage further investment in innovation, grow networks and partnerships, to help manufacture and source more goods and services locally.

With so many major projects underway, we have the opportunity to fulfil local and social requirements which will ultimately leave a legacy, important for future generations

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