23 September 2022

Future proofing Port Kembla Steelworks

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Illawarra’s BlueScope Steel has started developing a scope of work and estimate for a reline of the No 6 Blast Furnace (6BF) at Port Kembla.

According to the company website, the $1 billion project is critical in ensuring the future of steelmaking region. It means that 6BF – which has been mothballed since 2011 – can restart once No 5 Blast Furnace (5BF) reaches the end of its life sometime between 2026 and 2030.

The reline project involves upgrading the blast furnace’s:

  • refractories
  • hearth
  • stave
  • tuyeres
  • operating systems.

During a virtual town hall held in October 2021, project director for the 6BF reline Steve Shaw said the blast furnace is “a big bit of kit”.

“There are a whole lot of sub systems that hang off the blast furnace and when we talk about the reline it’s really a refurbishment of all of these systems and the furnace itself,” Steve said. With 5BF operational during the reline, the company can take time to manage safety risks and plan out the work in a logical way.

This means the construction works can be done across several years, reducing the intensity of construction activity and avoiding shutdowns.

It also provides an opportunity to reduce carbon emissions and minimise Port Kembla Steelworks’ environmental footprint.

Watch the virtual town hall.

BlueScope Steel is committed to ensuring local small and medium businesses have the chance to be involved in this major reline.

The company will manage procurement directly, with ICN NSW helping them identify potential suppliers and contractors. ICN will manage expressions of interest and respond to any queries. BlueScope will directly issue tenders and communicate with the successful companies.

ICN NSW Regional Manager, Illawarra and South East, Beti Krsteski said companies wanting to be involved should invest time and energy on their ICN Gateway profile to ensure they put their best foot forward.

“Your company summary and company description are used to assess your ability to complete projects when you lodge an EOI,” Beti said.

To find out more, or lodge and expression of interest, go to BlueScope No. 6 Blast Furnace Reline Project Gateway page.





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