30 August 2021

Global Resource Recovery – NT Showcase August 2021

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Global Resource Recovery (GRR) arrived in the Territory in 2018 after acquiring Vopak’s decommissioned biodiesel facility. In 2020, the state-of-the-art liquid waste treatment facility was commissioned becoming the first of its kind in the Northern Territory.

Currently, GRR employ 16 local Territorians at their East Arm location and can process and recycle a plethora of major waste, such as:

  • Waste oils: engine, transformer, hydraulic, fuel, bilge, and bunker
  • Waste glycols: automotive and machinery coolants, and mono ethylene glycol (MEG) from the LNG industry.
  • Industrial wash waters: amines, acids and alkalis, and flammable liquids.

GRR have been involved with many exciting and innovative projects around the territory such as,

The introduction of waste glycol recycling for waste from the LNG and automotive industries; employing technology currently unmatched within Australia.

A contracted supply of waste glycol exceeding 2,500 MT is scheduled to be received and processed over the coming quarter and are a primary independent recycler of waste glycols in Australia.

The facility in East Arm has been proven to recycle waste glycol back to a high-grade quality of 99.5%, allowing it to be reused back in the industries where the waste originated or utilised in the polyester fibre industry.

This closed-loop recycling being undertaken by GRR minimises carbon footprint by bringing the glycol back to life instead of disposing of it in compost or sewerage plants which would be the case if GRR was not established and making this a truly circular economy innovation.

The general manager at GRR, Adrian Phillips says “Being a local provider, it is imperative that local industry supports the facility as it supports the Territory. GRR are aiming to be the hub for the LNG, mining, and defence industries by servicing the top end of Australia from WA to QLD. This will be achieved by growing the service offering of Darwin in hazardous waste management. The next major progression for GRR is to become a service provider to the local defence and mining industries”.

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