9 September 2021

Local Manufacturing Stories – Polytec

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At ICN Victoria, we are proud to highlight the Australian local businesses leading the way in manufacturing, especially when sustainability is at the core of their operations. The Borg group of companies which includes Polytec and its manufacturing arm, Australian Panel Products – employs more than 2,000 people across the country, with a large presence in several regional communities and a strong sustainability focus. This national presence includes a major distribution centre in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.

Polytec is one of the leading decorative surfaces brands in Australia, with product ranges including High-Pressure Laminate, Low-Pressure Melamine and Thermolaminated doors. Australian Panel Products has manufacturing sites across the country, such as Charmhaven and Oberon (NSW) and Mount Gambier (SA).

With sites spread nationwide, they are involved and supply to a large range of government and commercial projects across Australia. Garry Chilcott, the National Building Manager at Polytec, recently commented to ICN Victoria.

“We have been involved in the Victorian Big Build in recent years. Another major supporter of Polytec has been the Victorian School Buildings Authority. We also have ongoing relationships with companies Lendlease and John Holland, two key players in the infrastructure sector. A lot of this has been coming through from support with the ICN Network, who have been putting me in touch with the right people.”

As part of their focus to manufacture and distribute Australian Made products, they are genuinely committed to implementing sustainable practices across the product life cycle. They employ closed-loop manufacturing techniques throughout their operations, such as their local pine plantation program, as well as their recycling of many products at end-of-life. With the importance of Social and Sustainable Procurement in supply chains growing swiftly, this is always great to see from Australian manufacturers! (Read more on Polytec’s sustainability activities here)

Returning to their regional presence, Jim Snelson – CEO of Australian Panel Products – explained  to ICN Victoria:

“Our regional centres are incredibly important to us. Not only are our factories there, but the sawmills are there, the harvest and haulage companies are there. The engineering establishment are located around these regional centres as well.”

“We’ve got some great examples in our regional facilities of people who have started in fairly junior roles that proceeded to progress through the organization structure into senior roles and have made fantastic careers. Not only in manufacturing, but in human resources, IT, accounting, and logistics – throughout our network.”

An Australian manufacturer with this regional focus brings plenty of benefits to local communities – especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its significant impact on local businesses.

To read more about Polytec, go to polytec.com.au

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