20 December 2023

Medical Supply Chain Resilience

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Resilience and surety of medical supply chains has become increasingly important to ensure patient care is adequately serviced in the face of potential global threats such as pandemics and changing economic and geopolitical circumstance. There are also benefits of buying locally which not only circumvents potential delays but at the same time stimulates the local economy.  

At the recent Victorian MedTech manufacturing showcase, we explored what buyers are seeking locally, the extent and benefit of the local servicing response, investment in product quality and standards, and long-term strategies for promoting the local sector as a whole. 

One of our esteemed speakers was Ishmeet Singh, Director Procurement Services of Northern Health, who provided his experienced perspective on local procurement and what he considers are the key benefits of investing and procuring from local sources. 

Ishmeet emphasised the significance of investing in the local market. “If you do not invest today, it’s not going to change today but will change in the next 15/20 years” he stated, underscoring the long-term impact of strategic investments.  

Furthermore, Ishmeet delved into the transformative changes in healthcare, highlighting the rise of digital healthcare. His insights into remote patient care and the need for local customization in digital health software and gadgets were eye-opening, especially in the context of infection control. 

Ishmeet also touched upon the local customization of critical products such as vaccines, stressing the importance of manufacturing locally in the biomedical and pharmaceutical space, which has knock-on effects for local suppliers.  

With two decades of rich experience in procurement and supply chain management, Ishmeet’s advice was invaluable to the audience of health buyers, suppliers and government stakeholders.  

ICN Victoria is committed to promoting and improving local manufacturing and our MedTech forums are one way in which innovative ideas are fostered and crystalised. Ishmeet Singh’s thought-provoking and often captivating commentary offered deep insights into the evolving landscape of supply chain management and the critical role of local investment. Looking forward to seeing how these ideas go towards shaping the future of healthcare. 

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