7 May 2021

Victoria’s Next Generation Trams

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Victoria’s new tram was launched to our world-class rolling stock industry at a webinar in late April, opened by Minister for Public Transport Ben Carroll and featuring Victoria Rail Advocate, Jill Walsh, Ben Phyland, Richard McConville and Chris Eves from the Department of Transport, and ICN Victoria CEO Dianne Smith.

The webinar outlined the features of the new tram, with a focus on its accessibility and energy efficiency and how to connect to the Project.

Watch now: Rolling stock industry webinar: Introducing the Next Generation Trams project

“We are pleased to be an industry and procurement partner, linking suppliers to the great project opportunities as part of the Next Generation Trams project. The ICN Gateway project page can be accessed via: nextgentrams.icn.org.au,” said Dianne.

“You will need to be registered with us to submit an EOI (a basic registration is free). If you already are please ensure that your Company Profile is up to date including all the relevant contact details and your capability. Please also ensure that you have the Email Notifications options ticked on, to receive all relevant communications.”

“Our friendly team is happy to help and can be contacted via info@icnvic.org.au or 03 9864 6700.”

Learn more about the Next Generation Trams: https://transport.vic.gov.au/our-transport-future/our-projects/new-and-upgraded-trains-and-trams/next-generation-trams




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