13 June 2023

We speak to Linear Matrix about the value of ICN Victoria’s connections

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Linear Matrix designs, engineers and installs trusted backlighting solutions across Australia, working across a wide range of industries and sectors. Along with residential and commercial capability, Linear Matrix tailors backlighting solutions for the health sector.

Linear Matrix Australia is the Australia & New Zealand master distributor of Lunatone DALI & DALI-2 control gear. DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, which is a communication protocol used to control lighting systems. DALI is a widely adopted industry-standard that has been in use since the 1990s. It enables individual control of each light fitting and provides feedback on the status of each light, which allows for greater energy efficiency and flexibility in lighting control.

An acute understanding of circadian rhythms coupled with decades of experience and expertise places Linear Matrix at the forefront of medical lighting technology. This, along with their connection to ICN Victoria, has opened the door to major project opportunities in the MedTech field, including recent upgrades to Casey Hospital.

Linear Matrix Managing Director, Spiros Michaelidis, with ICN Victoria MedTech Industry Adviser, Dr Craig Neylon.
Linear Matrix Managing Director, Spiros Michaelidis, with ICN Victoria MedTech Industry Adviser, Dr Craig Neylon.

Managing Director Spiros Michaelidis spoke to us about the benefits of tapping into ICN Victoria’s connections.

“Their (ICN Victoria) contacts and connections are beneficial,” he said.

“It is something you cannot buy.”

MedTech Industry Adviser Dr Craig Neylon believes that by connecting with ICN Victoria, companies such as Linear Matrix have the opportunity to grow and expand.

“I think it’s important for companies to connect with ICN Victoria because we provide connections to other companies and large projects put out by the Victorian Government,” he explains.

“But also you’re connecting to people like me, Industry Advisers that help you grow, help you utilise your innovation and connect you to the right people.”

By leaning into ICN Victoria’s networks, Spiros is confident that Linear Matrix can showcase capability to the right people at the right time, opening doors to major projects.

“They (ICN Victoria) can showcase and get in front of the right people, and say have a look at this Australian made product engineered here in Melbourne.”

Learn more about Linear Matrix by conducting a search on ICN Gateway today!

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