23 September 2022

Wind farm for Bass Strait

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ICN Vic is working with Flotation Energy to source local suppliers for the Seadragon Offshore Wind Farm, a proposed 1,500 MW wind farm and electricity transmission project in Bass Strait.

The wind turbine generators will be on fixed foundations and installed 20 to 40 kms off Ninety Mile Beach between Paradise Beach and McGaurans Beach, off the coast of Gippsland. There is also a potential for floating foundations.

Inter-array cables will connect the turbines to offshore substation platforms, with transmission cables then connecting the wind farm to onshore transmission infrastructure, which will connect into the grid in the Latrobe Valley.

The Seadragon project windfarm’s planned location is adjacent to oil and gas platforms. This offers the potential for oil and gas asset re-use and re-purposing, as well as employment opportunities for the local workforce.

It will produce renewable baseload power to supply the grid and enable green hydrogen and carbon capture and storage.

The Seadragon project will be one of Australia’s first offshore wind farms and construction is planned to begin in 2028, with the wind farm expected to be operational from 2030.

Flotation Energy is using ICN Gateway to call for expressions of interest from experienced and capable suppliers and partners of all sizes and across a range of disciplines

“Flotation Energy’s preference is to support local Gippsland-based businesses and have already engaged with and built partnerships with several local businesses to date,” ICN Vic Industry Advisor Colin Young said.

For more information or to lodge an expression of interest, go to the Seadragon OffShore Wind Farm Gateway page.


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