South Australia is primed to become a world-class, low-cost green hydrogen supplier

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With abundant renewable energy resources and proximity to key export markets, South Australia has a competitive edge in the race to supply clean, green renewable hydrogen to the world.

To seize this opportunity, the South Australian Government is investing more than three quarters of a billion dollars to accelerate new hydrogen projects and infrastructure, and build a world-first hydrogen power plant near Whyalla by 2025.

Local hydrogen production will create new opportunities for the heavy industry sector in SA to use hydrogen to decarbonise its processes and be more competitive against imports.

South Australia can capitalise on its competitive advantages to position itself as a global hydrogen producer and exporter, as part of a new growth industry that will lower global carbon emissions while generating jobs, investment, exports and opportunities for local industry.

The significant existing industrial capability and capacity that supports our resources and energy sectors will play a critical role in growing our state’s capacity to produce, store, transport and export hydrogen. This supplier directory outlines the local industry capability that already exists in South Australia to support the development of a green hydrogen industry.

The companies appearing in this directory submitted expressions of interest as suppliers for a range of hydrogen supply chain work packages between November 2022 and March 2023, via the ICN Gateway.

What’s next

The South Australian Government and ICN SA are currently undertaking a more extensive hydrogen supply chain mapping and gap analysis study, which will result in a Statement of Capacity report, scheduled for completion in 2023.

Businesses interested in participating in hydrogen supply chains that do not appear in this report can contact ICN SA at info@ to ensure your business is visible to major project proponents and in future supply chain mapping activities.


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