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Firevolt Pty Ltd, founded in February 2023, specialises in servicing fire extinguishers, conducting test & tag services, providing fire training, and developing emergency plans and diagrams. As a veteran-owned and operated business, Firevolt is committed to delivering top-notch safety services across Australia. Shortly after launching Firevolt, I was introduced to the Industry Capability Network (ICN) website and invited to the QLD Defence Base Services Contract event in Brisbane. This event presented an incredible opportunity to pitch Firevolt to some of the biggest contracting companies, including Downer, Ventia, and Serco. 

While pitching to Downer, I highlighted Firevolt’s services and proudly mentioned our veteran-owned status. This resonated with one of the Downer executives, an ex-defence member, who inquired about our ability to service Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). Although unfamiliar with this service at the time, I confidently responded that I would look into it. Following the event, I quickly researched AED services and added them to Firevolt’s offerings. This adaptability and commitment to customer needs paid off tremendously, securing a state-wide contract with Downer to service all QLD defence bases in AED maintenance. This monumental achievement in the first month of operation would not have been possible without the support and opportunities provided by ICN. 

Gateway by ICN has been instrumental in connecting Firevolt with invaluable networking and growth opportunities that I never imagined were within reach. The platform has allowed us to secure key contracts and significantly expand our business. ICN’s support has been crucial in empowering small businesses like Firevolt to achieve their dreams and continue growing. Thank you, ICN, for your instrumental role in our early success and ongoing development. 

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