ICN helps NSW Government increase local and indigenous industry participation in the Eden Breakwater Wharf upgrade

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Eden, on the far south coast of New South Wales, is set to become a major domestic cruising destination with the extension and upgrade of the Eden Breakwater Wharf, and local businesses are already reaping the benefits.

ICN NSW has worked closely with the NSW State Government from the beginning of the project, including attending mandatory pre-tender briefings and developing work packages that aligned with the local industry participation plan.

ICN Consultant Wally Hirsch also introduced the tenderers for the major works to the Twofold Aboriginal Corporation and its construction arm, Mundabaa, as potential Indigenous Participation Partners.

When Heron Constructions won stage one of the project dredging and the fabrication and installation of scour protection, Wally and ICN helped Heron meet their local industry and Indigenous participation plans, with a success rate of 15% local Industry participation and  3% Aboriginal Participation in Construction rate.

Waterway Constructions are now working on stage two marine structures and has embraced ICN services, beginning with an industry briefing in February to launch the ICN Gateway Eden Breakwater Wharf Extension project that currently has a five work packages listed, with 106 expressions of interest added against the work packages.

‘ICN also has regular meetings with the Waterway Construction team to advise on local capabilities in the area,’ Wally said.

‘We are providing a full suite of services with the endorsement of the Department of Industry and Lands.’

The scope of works awarded to Waterway Constructions includes:

  • installing piles, pre-cast concrete headstocks and pre-cast concrete deck planks for the main wharf structure
  • casting of a cast in-situ topping slab to the main wharf structure
  • installing piles, fabricated dolphin modules, fender system and bollards for ship berthing/mooring
  • installing piping services to the wharf
  • installing new fencing and modification of existing fencing
  • removing and capping existing pipework, including removing asbestos
  • installing new distribution board and electrical services.

The $44 million project is set for completion by mid 2019 and will mean cruise ships of up to 325 metres in length will be able to berth directly alongside the wharf extension rather than anchor offshore.

‘The benefits of this project are clear,’ Wally said. ‘The construction phase will drive economic growth across the Sapphire Coast, and there will also be ongoing jobs and opportunities for local residents.’

The project is expected to boost the local economy through:

  • increasing economic activity during construction
  • creating around 86 ongoing jobs in tourism, hospitality and stevedoring
  • increasing the number of cruise vessels docking in Eden
  • increasing tourism numbers for local attractions such as the Eden Whale Museum and the Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre.

For more information on the work packages available for Eden Breakwater project, visit the ICN Gateway Eden Breakwater Wharf Extension page

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