ICN helps Unified Security Group win contract for Bombadier Transport’s Wulkuraka Maintenance Centre

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Thanks to ICN, Australian security services company, Unified Security Group, has won a substantial ongoing contract with Bombardier Transport to provide integrated security services for its newly-constructed Wulkuraka Maintenance Centre in South East Queensland.

Unified has been contracted to supply a fully-integrated security service package for the facility including onsite guarding services, mobile patrols, canine services, security management services and security consulting services. In addition to the site-based deployment, Unified’s services are being used to secure and monitor rolling stock in transit and in offsite locations with a combination of guarding and mobile electronic surveillance solutions, including CCTV Trailers, and peripheral surveillance and detection devices.

Unified Security Group’s General Manager – Sales & Marketing, Damien Johnson, said the contract was a welcome acquisition for the company and one that they are very proud of and thankful for. ‘This acquisition is a testament to our organisation’s extensive experience in the infrastructure sector, our innovative integrated services and our personalised partnership approach.’

‘We originally registered with ICN to try something new and potentially obtain marquee project based opportunities around the country,’ Damien said, adding the company had found out about ICN through an email.

‘ICN contacted us explaining that they had been asked to put forward potential suppliers for an impending infrastructure project in QLD and enquiring if we’d be interested. Given our extensive experience in the infrastructure sector we felt it was definitely something we were interested in and if given the opportunity, a project we’d excel on’.

‘We were then asked to supply some more specific information about our service capabilities, experience, and references etc.’

Based on its profile and the preliminary information, Unified was invited to submit a tender and was subsequently shortlisted to present in person to Bombardier.

Damien said while Unified has been extremely fortunate over the years in securing a number of large marquee contracts across the country, it was becoming increasingly difficult to compete with the much larger international security organisations, and without ICN’s valuable assistance, it potentially would be have been difficult for a firm like Unified to even be considered for a marquee project such as this.

‘Increasingly many amazing opportunities in our sector are going straight to the top end of the market and the international firms without any small to medium firms even being given the opportunity to participate, so it was great on this occasion that we were able to participate and in turn promote our positive and differentiating attributes to the key decision makers,’ he said.

‘With many large projects, it is often difficult to work out who the ultimate decision-makers are and in turn how to access them.’

According to Damien, ICN provides small to medium firms with the opportunity to promote themselves directly to decision makers and ultimately promote the positive attributes that differentiate them from their larger competitors.

The purpose-built Wulkuraka Maintenance Centre, near Ipswich, is home to the Queensland Government’s New Generation Rolling Stock, and will service and repair the new trains for 30 years.

Like many regional Australian towns, Ipswich has a large labour force, but a limited amount of local employment opportunities.

With its contract, Unified has engaged 14 locally-based officers, and is using many local suppliers to supply site equipment, services and consumables.

Damien is confident that winning the NGRS contract will open new doors for the organisation and enable Unified to build a long term relationship with Bombardier.

For more information on Unified, go to unifiedsecurity.com.au


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