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At ICN NSW, we take a big picture view and keep an eye out for businesses that have a role to play in the future of construction and development.

ICN NSW exists to connect providers and contractors with major projects but this extends beyond the supply of materials and manpower. We take a holistic view of our industry and are always on the lookout for businesses that offer support at all ends of the project development spectrum.

To share an example, one company we are proud to have a relationship with is Green2View. This Australian-owned and operated software company is making its name in the ‘Regtech’ industry, by helping organisations of all sizes to report and manage their ESG performance and compliance.

Find out more about Green2View, how we are supporting them and what role they have to play in the construction and infrastructure industries:

What is ESG?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social & Governance. An ESG policy relates to the way businesses conduct themselves when it comes to the environment and the community.

While ESG policies are seen by many as a ‘nice to have’ at the moment, it is more than likely that they will become essential requirements for private and government-operated organisations and projects in the very near future, especially as Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and US President Joe Biden recently declared that climate and clean energy should be seen as the ”third pillar” of the US/Australia alliance, alongside defence and economic cooperation.

What’s also important to know about ESG is that the risk of ‘greenwashing’ is heightened when companies make statements about their environmental position but do not provide proof. The tracking and measurement of data is the only way forward for companies to support their claims and avoid making misleading or incorrect statements, which could ultimately lead to unfavourable attention and potential prosecution by ASIC.

As a regulatory technology company, Green2View’s is helping businesses by making it easier to record and share data related to environmental and sustainability efforts so they can prove compliance with regulations, avoid accusations of greenwashing and stay true to their ESG policy.


Connecting with ICN

 Green2View’s Founder Evelyn Moore connected with ICN NSW after a recommendation from a colleague in the infrastructure industry.

“With ESG becoming more and more of a requirement,” says Evelyn, “We realised ICN would be a great way to find out about upcoming projects and keep across what’s going on.”

The challenge for Green2View is that many projects and businesses do not have an ESG policy or are not actively seeking support in this area. However, ICN NSW understands that this is set to change.

“Ian Hudson from ICN NSW has been so good to work with. We have had regular conversations about what Green2View is doing and what opportunities exist. I have never come across anyone in a role like his who has been so supportive. When he hears of opportunities on Government panels for example, he will ring me and let me know. He also helped Green2View to connect with the RegTech Association a couple of years ago. Since making that connection, we have been an active participant with them as well as winning the ESG Excellence Award globally last year. This has opened a huge number of doors for us and helped us speak with a lot of industry-specific consultants. We have also partnered with Microsoft on a global level.”

As Evelyn explains, having an ESG policy is becoming mandatory for the larger end of the construction and infrastructure industry because the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) is set to release rules that will harmonise corporate environmental disclosures across the world.

This will soon flow down to smaller businesses; because they will need to report their ESG policies and activities in order to take on contracts with larger providers who are committed to meeting specific international standards.

“The ISSB has made it clear that best endeavours will no longer be good enough,” says Evelyn, “They want to see data. To add to this, here in Australia, ASIC now has the power to prosecute companies that cannot back up what they are promising in relation to net zero or other policies.”

Companies will not only need to share ESG policies, but data and evidence, which is where Green2View comes in.


Supporting visionary businesses

ICN NSW is always on the lookout for businesses and initiatives that can support contractors of all sizes, and can see the benefits Green2View brings to its clients.

According to Evelyn, “We can help in lots of ways, including helping smaller suppliers to prepare their response to tenders. They will need to prove ESG credentials, particularly if they are applying for contracts related to energy. Green2View can play a role in helping them to validate their data so they can be eligible for contracts with larger entities. It’s a flow down, and without ESG under control, businesses won’t be in the running.”

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