Building Equality Policy

The policy applies to all publicly funded construction projects that meet the following requirements: 

  • Valued at $20 million or more (excluding GST).  
  • Request for Tenders released after 1 January 2022.  

The Building Equality Policy is subject to a transitional implementation period until 1 January 2024. From 1 January 2024 penalties may apply for non-compliance as determined by the Buyer.  


Responding to tenders  

The policy requires suppliers to undertake the following:  

  • Action 1: Meet project specific gender equality targets.  
  • Action 2: Engage women as apprentices and trainees.  
  • Action 3: Require gender equality action plans.  

 Tenderers are required to address how they will meet or exceed the targets in Action 1 and Action 2 and submit the following with their tender for Action 3:  

  • an Organisation Wide Gender Equality Action Plan.  
  • an Organisation Wide Workplace Gender Audit.  
  • a Project Specific Gender Equality Action Plan.  

Templates are located on the Buying for Victoria website.

When responding to tenders that have Building Equality Policy targets, Tenderers must:  

  • Provide their responses in the Response Schedules.  
  • Provide commitments in the Social Procurement Commitment Proposal.  


  • Trade covered labour positions: at least 3 % of each trade position must be performed by women.  
  • Non-trade Construction Award covered labour: at least 7 % of each non-trade Construction Award covered labour position must be performed by women.  
  • Management/supervisory and specialist labour (staff): at least 35 % of each management/supervisory and specialist labour (staff) position must be performed by women.  
  • Contractors must engage women as apprentices and trainees for at least 4% of the contract works’ total estimated labour hours.  

Additional information for suppliers is located on the Buying for Victoria website.  

Reporting requirements 

Reporting will be captured in the Victorian Management Centre. Development for this is currently underway.  

Phase 3 of the reporting solution has now been released, with development of further phases to be developed.


Janelle Williams – – 0473 243 865



Building Equality Policy Webinar: Attracting and Retaining Women on the Worksite – July 2022

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