BAE Systems Australia work across all domains of defence and security, using new ideas and know-how to ensure that their customers always have the capability they need. Their work helps keep Australia safe and contributes to creating a more prosperous and innovative nation.

BAE Systems employ 4,500 people across the country, generate $1.2 billion in revenue each year and their exports help to fuel the local economy. They do this by harnessing Australian innovation through a vibrant national supply chain and generating careers that make a difference today and for future generations.

BAE Systems seek to maximise Australian industry involvement in projects and procure around $300 million worth of work from around 1,500 Australian suppliers. Suppliers are also supported through their Global Access Program to identify and develop world-class industry capabilities.

BAE Systems encourage you to contact them if you believe your company can add value to their supply chain.

In response to the Australian Government’s Global Supply Chain initiative, BAE Systems Australia established the Global Access Program (GAP) in 2012. Through their team embedded across their international business units, GAP creates export opportunities for Australian companies within the supply chain of BAE Systems group and partner organisations.

In addition to identifying opportunities and providing introductions, BAE Systems’ GAP team also offers companies mentoring and assistance through their supplier training programs.

To learn more about the Global Access Program, visit their website HERE.

To learn more about the Global Supply Chain Program visit the website HERE.


The Global Access Program is built upon supply and demand principles and focusses on providing export opportunities. BAE Systems’ team engages with program managers and procurement professionals across their global business to identify sources of demand which an Australian company may be able to service. They also engage widely with Australian industry to ensure they have a detailed knowledge of local capability and export ambitions.

This project page is designed to provide a conduit for Australian SMEs to submit their interest in participating within the program by highlighting their unique capabilities, credibility and export ambitions.

Specific opportunities will be related to the Global Access Program in the Work Package section of this page.

For opportunities related to:

  • HCFP, please click HERE.
  • Education and Skills Partnerships, please click HERE.
  • Land 125 Phase 4 Integrated Soldier System, please click HERE.

Click HERE to read the latest news from the program and wider BAE Systems Australia business.

Supplier Education and Training

The Global Access Program will deliver an enhanced education program in 2020 addressing the topics of Security, Export Controls, Supplier Quality Assurance, Estimating & Pricing, Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Frameworks.

The first session will occur on 3rd September. For further details, see document below and to register please follow this link HERE.

UK Export Controls- delivered as part of the Defence Teaming Centre’s Business Bites session (19th August 2020). To learn more about this topic, please click HERE.


Sydney Metro City & Southwest

Sydney Metro is a new stand alone railway network that will revolutionise the way Sydney travels.

Development of Bango Wind Farm

CWP Renewables is developing the Bango Wind Farm project in NSW.  Project Approval for the Bango Wind Farm was granted in December 2018 for the construction and operation of 46 wind turbines and associated infrastructure including a substation and transformers, underground and overhead cabling, operations and maintenance facility and access tracks.  The EPC Contract has been awarded to General Electric International Inc. (GE).

Australia JP9711-1 Core Simulation Capability (CSimC) Australia

In March 2019, the Australian Chief Information Officer Group (CIOG) awarded the JP9711-1 Core Simulation Capability to the Lockheed Martin Team. 

METZ Solar Farm

The Metz Solar Project involves the construction, operation and commissioning of a 115 megawatt (MWac) solar farm and associated infrastructure in the area of Metz, 15km east of Armidale, NSW.

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