Black Business Finder (BBF) is Queensland's online Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business directory connecting Indigenous businesses with work opportunities. BBF is part of the ICN Gateway.

ICN Gateway is a nationally recognised connection point for buyers and suppliers.  It offers an established and up-to-date database that:

  • provides opportunities to Indigenous businesses to participate in the supply chains for major projects listed on the database

  • provides a platform that can be assessed by government or businesses looking to source goods and services from Indigenous suppliers.

The need for BBF

Increasingly the government and the private sector are seeking to purchase goods and services from Indigenous businesses.

The BBF services this need by making information available in the market about the existence and capability of Indigenous businesses. This is good for Indigenous businesses and good for industry.

As an online resource, BBF encourages the growth and development of Indigenous businesses by integrating these businesses into private sector and government supply chains.

For further information, please visit Black Business Finder, contact ICN Queensland on (07) 3364 0670 or by email: