ICN Analytics is a secure network platform that Collects, Analyses and Presents local content and jobs data providing a solution to the challenges in supply chain monitoring and reporting. 







  • Provides a systemised process and efficient solution to compliance reporting that automates supplier management

  • Is a cloud based secure online platform that enables the collection, analysis and reporting of local content and jobs data, including supply chain monitoring and reporting

  • Enables the tracking of outcomes against commitments made under the Local Jobs First Policy, including in relation to VIPP and MPSG

  • Supports the monitoring and reporting by agencies and contractors

  • Has defined permission levels for access management providing access only to people with an allocated level of authority on the project 


Key functionality of ICN Analytics: 



  • Complex project structures are easily set up and effortlessly scalable to the number of supplier levels required

  • Tailor the metric options to your reporting requirements

  • Local spend data, employment demographics and hours are directly collected from suppliers

  • Sends automated email reminders to all suppliers for their inputs



  • Performs local content and employment calculations



  • Live real-time monitoring including supplier last submission reports 

  • Forms and dashboards customised metrics

  • Automated Local Jobs First and MPSG reports generated from inputs




Local Jobs First