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Direct Ergonomics is a supplier of ergonomic office furniture to government departments and corporate organisations. Based in Sydney, this Certified Indigenous business provides its clients with a range of workstations, sit-to-stand desk converting units and seating, making it a one-stop shop for office fit-outs and workspace creation.

The business has a 30-year history and, as it has grown, ICN NSW has played a role in its success.

“I connected with ICN NSW a few years ago about a Defence job and started working with them more and more.” Donna McMullen, Direct Ergonomics Managing Director. “I’ve known Ian Hudson, ICN NSW Executive Director, for ten years and I have been in touch with Geoff Reardon for about two years.”

“Being in touch with Geoff has been great. Lately, we have been talking about an upcoming project in Wagga and Wodonga. He is trying to equip me to be considered for it and is working with the builders on the project to facilitate introductions.”


Winning contracts and making connections: the ICN NSW advantage

Direct Ergonomics supplies the Australian Defence Department nationally. “ICN NSW always makes sure I’m aware of any big projects. For example, one came up at a site in Melbourne the other day and I was able to register my interest. I subsequently got a call from the major construction lead – turns out we have a mutual contact. He did a reference check, then rang back to say we are definitely on the tender list.”

If the contract goes ahead and they win the tender, Donna and her team will be able to fit out the location with office equipment and furniture.

“Think of it like a major event or ‘ball’,” says Donna, “ICN NSW lets me know the ball is happening, even though they can’t guarantee I will get a ‘dance’. It’s a good analogy because without them I wouldn’t know the ball was on in the first place.”

“This is what Geoff and Ian are really good at,” she adds. “As well as jobs, they will let me know if there is a function coming up that I should register for or send a colleague to.”

Donna is happy to recommend ICN NSW to other businesses. ICN NSW is not only for builders and infrastructure specialists, it’s for suppliers as well.

“I’m so busy trying to run my business but because I subscribe to ICN NSW I get relevant messages in my inbox about projects that I may not have been aware of. They have great follow up and the events they operate themselves run extremely professionally,” she says.

Donna has won several contracts she wouldn’t have even known about thanks to ICN NSW.

“One example is HMAS Cerberus at Crib Point. ICN NSW alerted me to this opportunity about two years before I got the contract. It went to tender through LendLease and ended up being a $4-5 million project over several years.”


Making it local

In 2024, Direct Ergonomics is venturing back into manufacturing. “ICN NSW is helping us to learn about grants that are out there, they are connecting me with different suppliers and they are keeping us involved with different markets. The support they provide comes from lots of different areas and you can’t fault the team.”


Beyond business: giving back

As it builds on its own success, Direct Ergonomics is able to give back. “Some money from every sale goes back to help Indigenous programs in rural Australia, we operate an Indigenous apprenticeship, we mentor Indigenous artists and we try to give back to other initiatives as well.”


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