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The Local Jobs First Policy is an industry development procurement policy aimed at maximising opportunities for small and medium size enterprises (SME’s) to compete for government contracts, whilst achieving value for money.  ICN Victoria assists with implementing the Policy on behalf of the Victorian Government, providing assessment services to procuring departments, agencies and authorities, and assistance to buyers and suppliers.

In administering the Policy, ICN:

  • Identifies and selects local products and services that meet the contract requirements

  • Acknowledges and evaluates the ANZ value-added activity commitments made by bidders in their Local Industry Development Plans (LIDP)

  • Monitors and reports on outcomes for Victorian industry involvement.


ICN also provides a pivotal link between principal contractors and local suppliers. This involves:

  • Liaising with bidders to identify local goods and services

  • Advertising opportunities on ICN Gateway for local suppliers

  • Assisting bidders to complete their LIDP.


For more detailed information see the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions – Local Jobs First.

For information on the Local Jobs First Strategic Projects – Forward Plan please click here.

To submit a Local Industry Development Plan – VMC.

The Standard Local Jobs First Process for Bidders is available for download here.